GPTQA Accreditation

Assessing any human requires a unique attention to detail.  Understand the impact of verified testing processes with GPTQA

Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) provides unique training in the moment of assessment to remove bias often mis-interpreted as motivation, coaching or development.  Don’t settle for average.

validity + Consistency = Reliability

GPTQA Level 1

The skills and knowledge required to understand the rationale and outcomes of field testing on people.
$ 199
  • Defining field testing
  • Assessing a test environment
  • Evaluating quality assurance
  • Evaluating results and communication

GPTQA Level 2

The skills and knowledge required to perform reliable field testing on people in controlled environments.
$ 2999
  • Assessing a test environment, set up and break down of a test event
  • Reading protocols and performing a reliable test
  • Data collection, stage one verification and real-time assessment
  • Practical assessment in performing a reliable test
  • Assessing and reviewing of collected data

GPTQA Level 3

The skills and knowledge required to manage reliable field testing events on people in controlled environments with verified data.
$ 12999 student
  • Sales, marketing and administration management
  • Defining the field testing and client communication
  • Defining the test environment and risk assessment
  • Planning the test event
  • Pre-event procedures and management
  • Managing a reliable test event
  • Post-event procedures and management
  • Data analysis and reporting